Module 3: Unleash your
Ecstatic Potential

Next is on Next is April 23-26, 2020

 This module "Unleash Your Ecstatic Potential" is all about sexual healing through mental, emotional and physical de-armoring. 

We will work directly with the physical body to release emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain (if it's present) in a healthy, loving and safe way in order to unlock your full potential to experience pleasure and bliss in your body.

Our body is a sensitive organism that reacts to all experiences we go through in life. When a certain experience is not fully given space or completely felt through, our body stores it in the form of contraction. When contraction happens, the life energy can't flow freely any more. In a similar way, when we, for instance, are not connected to our body and we overstep our boundaries sexually, the body creates contractions in our intimate areas. They are also called armor and may be experienced as pain or discomfort, burning or numbness. Because of emotions locked inside, the armor can also cloud the mind and make it difficult to navigate through intimate life. 

Sexual de-armoring is a process of removing any blockages related to sexuality for increased sensitivity and aliveness in the tissues of the body. It is a way to open up and release the armor while also receiving the insight(s) about what created it and being empowered to respond differently in the future.

Everyone can benefit from both external and internal de-armoring. Next to their genitals, men and women can store a lot of fear and shame in the anus. Women can store a whole range of emotions in their vagina, cervix and womb, from unwanted sex (even the slightest compromise before intercourse can create armor), abortions, rape, abuse, birth control devices. The de-armoring happens in a safe and gentle way, with a pre-negotiated and real time consent.

Take your power back and stand proudly in life, no longer controlled by your past, feeling at home in your body and stepping into your full potential of experiencing pleasure and bliss! 



In this retreat, you will...

  • Release energetic blockages hidden below the surface of conscious mind and open up to a new level of pleasure and bliss in your body

  • Get to know your body deeply and make it home by increasing its sensitivity, releasing any possible pain and numbness from your intimate parts

  • Learn to speak to your body directly and know its needs

  • Full body Tantra Massage including intimate parts

  • Experience full body energetic orgasms on your own and with your partner

  • Soft de-armoring of the body

  • Emotional/mental rewiring related to sexual blockages created in childhood, adolescence or adulthood

  • Learn to master conservation & sublimation of sexual energy

  • Reach deeper level of surrender and trust

Accommodation & Rates

- Retreat incl. meals (3 times a day) €495 or
*€535 if attended separately, not as part of a 1 Year Tantra program "Expanding into Love"

+ Accommodation for 3 nights @ €55/pp/night



The retreat will start on Thursday at 10am and finish on Sunday at 6pm.

Other days will start at 7:30am with a morning program and finish around 7pm. There may be after-dinner sessions too.

Cancellation policy

100% refundable upon cancellation 2 or more months prior to the event; 50% refundable 1 month or less prior to the event; non-refundable two weeks or less prior to the event.