Hello! I am Alexa Mira,


I am an international Tantra teacher, Body & Breath worker and Life coach passionate about living this beautiful Life.

Every year, I give hundreds of workshops and retreats on topics of sexuality, intimacy, love and relationships in various countries, including Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Greece, Russia and other. My heart beats for happiness and fulfillment of people and I contribute to it through teaching Tantric arts.

Hello! I am Dylan Bonny,


I am a highly skilled social introvert who loves observing human behavior, rapidly seeing the “patterns” that are playing out and figuring out where they originate from. I bring people around me in a compassionate way into the present moment and out of their heads.

My passion is Love, I surround myself with Love and share it abundantly. I am a man who doesn’t complicate life and I have found that living in the ‘here & now’ is what brings me most fulfillment .

I am an energy body worker & coach, working behind the screens of Temple of Tantric Arts, living life to the fullest!

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