1-Year Tantra Program

"Expanding into Love"

Starting on:
November 28th - December 1st, 2019
December 5th - December 8th, 2019

The 1 year Tantra program "Expanding into Love" was born from our vision to live in a world where people live their life to the fullest potential!
In such a world people are authentic and real, they are connected to their intuition, they trust themselves and Life.
Pleasure and Joy are not denied but fully embraced.
Sexual/life energy flows naturally and they feel ecstatically alive.
People connect with each other deeply while using the real potential of relationships - as the path to their true Self. 

1-Year Program is a deep commitment to Your Self.

Module 1: Conscious Intimacy Retreat

The 1-Year program “Expansion into Love“
Consists of 5 Modules spread over 1 Year:

Module 1: Conscious Intimacy Retreat (4 days)
September 5-8, 2019
November 28 - December 1, 2019
December 5th - December 8th, 2019
September 10-13, 2020

Module 2: Shining Light on Hidden Desires (4 days)
December 12-15, 2019
January 9-12, 2020
December 10-13, 2020

Module 3: Unleash your Ecstatic Potential (4 days) 
June 27-30, 2019
April 23-26, 2020

Module 4: Blissful Love Making (4 days)
September 12-15, 2019
June 25-28, 2020

Module 5: I AM Journey in Silence" in Sinai Desert in Egypt (11 days)
October 24th - November 4th, 2019

plus continuous support in between the modules: Q&A calls, individual practice assignments, extra content in the form of reading, audio and video inspirations, extra LIVE practice days;

plus special discounts on other events we organize;

plus FREE participation in our live Tantric Dance Workshops, which we hold on a regular basis in Belgium.

In this 1 year program "Expansion into Love", you will...

  • create a deeper and more intimate Connection with yourself, your partner, and with Life itself

  • re-connect with your Body and remember how to listen to your inner Wisdom

  • get access to your natural Ecstatic Aliveness

  • uncover your Authenticity, Inner Freedom and Self-Love

  • experience your Life Energy flowing freely and discover whole body Energy Orgasms

  • release Shame and Guilt and step into your natural State of Being

  • get Empowered to live Your Life to the fullest, transforming your fears and doubts into Self-confidence and Trust.

For whom is this program?

For everyone who feels there is much more to Life than the everyday mundane reality. 18+
For Men and Women, for Couples and Singles, for people of all Sexual orientations. 

Accommodation & Rates

All modules of the 1-Year program take place in Belgium.
We always choose premium venues to ensure the most unforgettable experience for you.

Full year program package Price for the first 4 modules is 2,580 Euro all in.
your total benefit of 180 Euro vs booking each retreat separately)


  Can I still attend all modules separately, not being part of the 1 year program?
- Everybody can attend Conscious Intimacy Retreat, which is Module 1, without committing to a full program. The price when paid separately per module is a bit higher and our support after the retreat will not be as extended as for participants committed to a 1 year program. Modules 2, 3 and 4 can be attended upon application, given you meet the requirements in terms of prior Tantra experience.

  Why is 1 year program better than attending separate retreats and workshops?
- Because it allows you to go way deeper than any individual retreat or workshop you attend. You move on this journey together with other like-minded people, in a safe context, where you can share and receive support, dive deep thanks to the safe container that is created. In this one year program you will benefit from our continuous support and guidance not only during our live gatherings but also when you are back at home.


The program consists of 5 modules spread over a year. All modules start in the morning at 10am and finish on Sunday evening at 6pm.

Cancellation policy

100% refundable upon cancellation 2 or more months prior to the start of Module 1; 50% refundable 1 month prior to the event; non-refundable two weeks or less before the event.

What our graduates say about the 1-year program

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