Next “Conscious Intimacy Retreat“
on November 28 - December 1st, 2019.

This retreat is a 4-days residential program with a focus on conscious Intimacy, Sexuality and Love for men and women, couples and singles alike.

We all grow up with a conditioned attitude to intimacy and sexuality, with all the taboos and secrets that surround it. Few people discover the true value of authentic and conscious sexual life in their lifetime. The value is not hidden, it’s been suppressed over many centuries. Yet it's available right here, right now and can be accessed by you anytime.

This retreat has been created to reconnect you with the pure sexual life energy in you that is and always was a source of creation. You will learn to celebrate this energy and love your body. You will become aware of many things about your intimate life on different levels (mental, emotional, physical), but mostly this retreat will feel like remembering what you have long forgotten.

Because the relationship to our body is an absolute key for a fulfilled sexuality, Conscious Intimacy Retreat will lead you from body-denial, -shame, -rejection and - resentment to ACCEPTANCE, LOVE AND CELEBRATION through body re-connection & awareness exercises as well as body healing processes.

Module 1: Conscious Intimacy Retreat

In this retreat, you will...

  • positively re-wire your psychology with regard to intimacy, sexuality, eroticism

  • reconnect to and celebrate your pure sexual life energy that is and always was a source of creation

  • open up to Receive love and presence, while respecting your boundaries

  • learn to Give love and presence

  • discover the “Wheel of Consent” that will empower you to be fulfilled in your intimate life

  • feel into your needs, fears and desires in your current (or potential) relationship and get empowered to express them

  • learn various ways to connect intimately beyond the known traditional ways of making love

  • learn everything about male and female orgasms

  • appreciate and love your body - the relationship we have with our body is an absolute key for a fulfilling intimate life

  • open the door to the practice of nourishing self-pleasure

  • learn the art and experience the pleasure of Tantric touch & the basics of the Tantra massage

For whom is this retreat?

Really for anybody 18+, and especially...
If you are ready to open up to new levels of depth and pleasure in your intimate life...
If you would like to experience the full potential of your aliveness...
If you no longer feel your sexual energy flow, or feel a lot of it but don’t know what to do with it…
If you feel somewhat blocked to fully open up, to give and to receive…
If some past experiences echo back and prevent you to be in the here and now…
Then this retreat is for you!

The retreat is built as a process and contains a lot of individual exercises as well as exercises in pairs, still and energetic meditations, dancing and other body movements, breathing practices and more.

Important to mention:
There will be no nudity during the retreat.

Your openness and vulnerability is KEY for your partner to reveal themselves completely, to the very core. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, your fears, what you think or feel. Anything. Mind tries to keep us safe from pain and fear of rejection, let it do its job but see through it. The safest heaven can’t compare to the openness that emerges when all walls fall down. Dare to step into it – it’s so worth it.
— Alexa Mira

Accommodation & Rates

- Retreat incl. meals (3 times a day) €435 or
*€495 if attended separately, not as part of a 1 Year Tantra program "Expanding into Love"

+ Accommodation for 3 nights @ €55/pp/night



The retreat will start on Thursday at 9:30 am and finish on Sunday at 6pm.

Other days will start at 7:30am with a morning program and finish around 7pm. There may be after dinner sessions too.

Cancellation policy

100% refundable upon cancellation 2 or more months prior to the event; 50% refundable 1 month prior to the event; non-refundable two weeks or less before the event.