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Tantra Massages
& De-Armoring

I, Alexa Mira, am not currently offering individual sessions.
But I will happily refer you to another great Tantra practitioner.

Tantra massage is a sensual massage with the purpose to awaken sexual energy and to direct it UP and ALL OVER the body thus opening all energy centers and channels, clearing them from any mental, emotional and physical blockages so that life energy can stream beautifully and freely all over the body.

It is never an intention to release or loose the energy, but rather nurture it and let it nourish every cell of the body.

Tantra massage lets you expand into deeper realms of pleasure... and not only. My clients often cry, get angry or giggle during the sessions releasing freeing pathways for the energy to flow uninhibitedly. You can achieve a lot through mental and emotional work, change beliefs and bad habits, improve a lot in your life, yet some memories and beliefs may still remain in the body and can therefore only be released through the body.

Tantra massage doesn’t only increase body love but expands your whole being, completing parts of your life that are holding you back from living your full potential. It’s common for people to have profound insights during Tantra massage. Deep relaxation and peace is a common feedback. Some go through a profound healing experience, others learn to open up to pleasure, yet others get surprised how much bliss they can take reaching various altered states of consciousness.

Traditionally, sexuality is mostly associated with a physical body. Yet, by knowing how to work with the sexual energy, we can transcend the physical realm and experience ourselves as energy. This is the magic of sacred sexual alchemy. It's not that physical level is wrong in anyway. It is as divine as any other level, yet it is by far not everything that a human being is capable of accessing.

Why would we want to experience more than just a physical level? Because it reveals to us that we are not limited to our physical body, hence our perception and knowing of ourselves drastically changes, impacting us in a way that we are becoming more attuned to our true essence. And this is so empowering and liberating!

Alexa Mira


"Tantra Massage is a powerful way to discover your physical and energy bodies and experience spiritual realm of sexuality. It nourishes, heals and expands the perception of oneself, teaches to allow and celebrate pleasure in every cell AND takes you to new realms of consciousness.

I received my first tantra massage a few years ago as a birthday gift given to me by my close sister friend. Her boyfriend was a professional tantra masseur. I did not know what to expect. After an open conversation about my boundaries, in a respectful and sacred space, I experienced something way beyond of what was known to me. It had such a big impact on me that I knew I had to learn it myself! Forever grateful for that initiation, here I am."

All sessions are given by Alexa Mira. Mutually agreed and gently guided.

Your boundaries are respected at all times. It is a safe space where you are encouraged to own your experience in every way.

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No bookings available for the rest of 2019

No bookings available for the rest of 2019

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