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Hello... I am happy to welcome you here!

My name is Alexa Mira and I am an international Tantra teacher, body & breath worker and Life coach passionate about living this beautiful life.

Every year, I give dozens of workshops and retreats on topics of sexuality, intimacy, love and relationships in various countries, including Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Greece, Russia and other. I follow about the same amount of them for my personal continuous development.

I love being in a relationship.
In fact, most of my life I’ve been in long term relationships. It’s easy and fulfilling for me to share life with someone I truly care about. I’ve been both in monogamous as well as non-exclusive formats of relationships, with partners of my age, much older and much younger, with partners close to my mentality & culture and far from it. Today I stopped giving relationships any labels. There is no ‘how it should be’. I believe that everyone is free to choose what works for them in this given moment of their life. Today,I can hold space and support others to find out what’s true for them, what are their needs and desires, free from inherited conditioned structures and social norms.

Sexuality was always a central theme in my life. I have known the sexual pulse at the base of my spine, in the perineum area, causing contractions in the genitals and lower belly since I remember myself, while still being a child. Back then I did not know what it was.

You can’t imagine how many years I’ve been fighting this pulse believing that something was deeply wrong with me, after my mom suggested that “normally the pulse should not be there and that I should stop it”. Oh dear, I could not stop it, even if I really wanted to! On the contrary, the more I’d try to stop it, the more it would intensify. And so I was fighting it fiercely, and it was intense every day! I thought I had a rare handicap.

As a teenager of 15, I went to a shrink determined to finally fix it once and for all. That woman turned out to be my savior - finally someone started bringing light into the whole situation. She told me “it’s amusing to see you so blessed by creative life energy while you perceive it as a curse.” I could not understand yet what she meant. It was too far out for me. I had been ashamed of this annoying and yet pleasurable pulse all my life.

She explained to me that all children feel the sexual energy to a certain degree, some only slightly in some situations, and some very few children have it very intense. Unfortunately, she said, parents are not educated about it, and they try to fight it instead of teaching a child how to move it. She worked with me to release shame and taught me to love and embrace the pulse. That was the start of my healing which continued for many years after.

There was a period in my early 20’s when I channeled and released this energy only into sex, and at other times I was still fighting it trying to suppress. I explored a lot but it was not until I came across Tantra that I actually realized a whole new dimension of sexuality and the deep fulfillment it can bring on all levels. Sexuality became something SACRED and this sacredness started penetrating all parts of my life. Gratitude to life became a natural response. Through Tantra I learned to embrace and celebrate sexual energy.  Today I channel this energy not only into sex, but also into my work, creativity, vision, love, aliveness and many other things, welcoming it fully. I realized what a treasure it is.

Today I am so privileged to guide others with Tantric methods on their path towards a fulfilling life, meaningful relationships and deep connections.

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Tantric Background

Several famous Tantra schools: Agama, Wild Tantra, Dhyan Niten (ISTA teacher), The Paths of Transformation, De-Armoring Training, Tantra Priestess School

General Background & Skills:

  • Sexual de-armoring

  • Tantra Massage

  • Reiki practitioner (I and II)

  • Sivananda Yoga Teacher

  • Myofascial Energy Release practitioner

  • Consciousness Coach and Master Trainer at Creative Consciousness Int. (2012-2018)