Next is September 26-29th, 2019

In this Retreat you will…

💖 Nurture your softness.
In a safe and caring space we will start letting go of contractions and holdings that inhibit our natural life energy flow and body wisdom. Power that comes with softness is like water that weaves its way in organic harmony with life.

💖 Allow your suppressed emotions to move.
As any emotion is simply Energy in Motion and energy is always in movement unless we lock it. Through breath and movement we will unlock any stuck energy to move again, opening up to insights and learnings that have been stored in every suppressed emotion. 

💖 Connect your Throat, Heart and Sex center.
We feel most empowered and alive when all three are connected, as there is no openness in the Yoni (Sanskrit word for 'vagina') unless there is openness in the throat and the heart.

💖 Step out of daily Doing mode and allow yourself to Be.
Effortlessly and freely, allowing the deeply resourceful state to nurture us and unlock our creativity.

💖 Learn to create safety and boundaries for yourself in any situation. Contraction is a result of us not feeling safe that may come from various limiting beliefs and habits of operating in life. We will create a framework for self-care and therefore inner flow, which will result in more authentic ways of relating with another. 

💖 Re-connect with your sexuality and flow of love.
Our sexuality is natural and when we are free from shame and guilt, we discover how innocent and sacred it actually is.

💖 Balance Shiva & Shakti aspects and qualities in yourself.
Presence and Emptiness (Shiva) with Chaos & Movement (Shakti) in order to employ both principles in our life for Creation power.

💖 And beyond anything else, you will spend an amazing conscious quality time together in the circle with other sisters… dancing, massaging, meditating, recharging, relaxing as well as creating meaningful friendships

Retreat & Accommodation rates

Retreat price: 495 Euro (incl. all meals)

Accommodation: 55 Euro/night (3 nights)

EARLY BIRD price: 455 Euro valid before June 30th, 2019
(non-refundable deposit payment is 200 EUR)



The retreat will start on Thursday at 9:30 am and finish on Sunday at 6pm.

Other days will start at 7:30am with a morning program and finish around 7pm. There may be after dinner sessions too.

Cancellation policy

100% refundable upon cancellation 2 or more months prior to the event; 50% refundable 1 month prior to the event; non-refundable two weeks or less before the event.